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Can This Wedding Cake Survival Guide™ Save YOU Hundreds if Not Thousands of Dollars...
...on YOUR Wedding Cake and Ultimately on YOUR Wedding Budget?

I'm Going To Show You How To Take Control and Have the Wedding Cake of YOUR Dreams for LE$$ and Increase YOUR Wedding Budget At the Same Time!

Wedding Cake Survival Guide

Wedding Cakes Are One of the Industryís
Top-5 Wedding Rip-offs!
Will YOU Be a Victim?

Costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, the wedding cake is tradition. You must have one, true, but you donít need to be taken to the cleaners to have the cake of your dreams, do you?

Did you know that Wedding Cakes Are One of The TOP-FIVE WEDDING RIP-OFFS?

There's no reason for you to be a victim! All you need to know are the INSIDER SECRETS that will put YOU in control!

  1. Why a caterer will try to talk YOU into an extra dessert with dinner! It's the BIG rip-off!
  2. Why many cakes taste like they're frozen, like the ones from the supermarket (and why you shouldn't buy one).
  3. Why wedding cakes cost so much and how you can get the best for less, putting more money in YOUR pocket!
  4. How YOU get the best deal IF a dumpy cake is part of YOUR package.
  5. And how to protect yourself with a contract. Critical to YOUR success!
Hello! I'm Deborah McCoy, President of the American Academy of Wedding Professionals.

Perhaps you have seen me on TV or on radio, or read my books.

Let me ask you some quick questions:

  1. Wouldn't you like to order your wedding cake knowing you've got the best deal possible?
  2. Wouldn't you like to know you've purchased a quality cake?
  3. Wouldn't you like that cake to be beautiful? And taste as good as it looks?
  4. Isn't it amazing that the majority of brides and grooms are taken to the cleaners when they purchase their wedding cake?   NO MORE!!!

      • Our Wedding Cake Survival Guide will put YOU in the driver's seat when it comes to ordering that ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME CAKE!~The Focal Point of YOUR reception!
      • You're going to learn how to obtain that PREMIER Baker's Cake, affordably.
      • You're going to learn the best kind of cake to serve at your reception, whether it's a sit-down dinner, or cocktail hors d'oeuvres reception.
      • You're going to learn why it's critical to consider your size and the size of your groom when you design the Ultimate Cake!
      • And most of all, you're going to learn how to $ave mega-bucks when you purchase your cake--and that EXTRA money goes into YOUR pocket!
      • AND LASTLY, YOUR guests will NEVER say that your wedding cake tastes frozen!
      • You will know everything to know about purchasing the ULTIMATE Wedding Cake: without a trip to the cleaners on the way!
      • Imagine the Most Beautiful Wedding Cake You Can and Think, "That's MINE"Ě
      • Now, For the First Time, ALL of this Information can be yours... $AVING YOU hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on your wedding cake--and INCREASING your Wedding Budget!



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Grand Wedding Cakes - Wedding Cake Magazine



500+ photos of cakes, 300+ pages... and more...

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

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Grand Wedding Cakes eMagazine
  1. All wedding cakes are not created equal, so if you're looking for that unique wedding cake, or those unique wedding cake toppers, this is the magazine for you.
  2. Cakes for wedding are a once-in-a-lifetime event, and what better way to find the cake of your dreams than by browsing wedding cake images, looking at specialty and novelty cakes, or how about a cake for a beach themed wedding?
  3. Anything is possible with Grand Wedding Cakes™ eMagazine. And what about wedding cake prices? Call your local baker, found in our Cake Designer's Directory, and inquire.
  4. And what about those cake toppers? Considering we feature 500+ wedding cake photos, you'll see 500+ wedding cake toppers: monogram cake toppers, unique cake toppers, and including humorous cake toppers, you'll have a wide variety to choose from.
  5. So browse Grand Wedding Cakes™ eMagazine to your hearts content. Print the wedding cake pics that interest you the most, and then consult our Cake Designer's Directory to find the baker that can make your wedding cake dreams a reality!
  • Ombre cakes steal the show. Here's why!
  • Sylvia Weinstock gives advice on ordering the perfect cake...
  • Your astrological sign? What cake should you order?
  • Be your own "Cake Boss"... Yes, you can make your own cake and $ave!
    --a recipe from renowned baker, Rose Levy Beranbaum
  • Saving your cake for your first anniversary? Here's how...
  • Learn the best way to cut your cake, romantically...
  • Be a part of and talk away...
  • Your complete, detailed, wedding budget.
  • Don't serve cake and desert. It's a waste of your money!
  • Consult our Cake Designer's Directory to find the baker of your dreams.
  • Download our FREE guide to purchasing the best wedding cake for you!
  • Be a Wedding Planner with AAWP. YOU can do it!

300+ pages of photos,
articles and features!

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